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Bad Energy

September 13th, 2012 at 4:27 pm


Yesterday I met an owner of condo who has fallen out of love with her property.  In fact, she despises it and it got me thinking,


"How much does the energy in a property affect the bottom line?" 


I dare say an incredible amount.  As I looked upon the owner describing her property it was obvious she had dismissed and rejected it in her mind.  There was no pride in her voice and no love in her eyes as we viewed her property.  The property felt barren and lifeless even though it had furniture, inventory and amenities.  It was slapped together with no forethought and the result was that it felt neglected. 


If you put minimal effort into something you will get minimal results.  Much like writing a essay for school for example.  You put in the effort for a "C" grade, guess what?  You get a "C".  You work your a** off for a "A", well now you just may accomplish something.  Why would it be any different for furnishing and equipping a property?  It's not.  Your attitude shows everywhere.  It shows in the placement of furniture and accessories, in the art and in the inventory.  It comes through in photos and virtual tours.  If you can easily dismiss your property why wouldn't others?  If you aren't proud, why should others be?


So take the time.  Work on your property until you love it, because that energy will come through in your voice when you're describing it.  It will come through in photographs.  It will come through the internet and most importantly, it will be in your walls and it will be felt.  

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