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Evaluation - Florida, 427100

October 27th, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Crescent Beach, Florida Vacation Rental by Owner Listing 427100


Evaluation Report



The evaluation will:


  • create an open, airy environment
  • show every room to its full potential
  • ensure the rooms flow into one another
  • ensure potential guests are left with a positive impression
  • ensure potential guests envision themselves staying in the rental



The property seems bright and cheery.  Many large windows let in an abundance of light.  It obviously once was a higher end very fashionable condo, but in 2012 now seems dated.  Using color to pull together the burgundy countertops and sink with the rest of the condo was a wise idea, but the fact remains that the countertops are still burgundy.   Updating the countertop will go a long way in bringing your property to the present time.  This combined with fresh paint and switching out some key pieces will work miracles.

To start with a fresh palette I suggest all of the rooms be painted Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk™.  This is a very neutral color that will go beautifully with your existing flooring and cupboards.  It has a touch of yellow that you seem to prefer and I believe you would like.  This color changes depending on the different light conditions that occur throughout the day.





  • Appliances, flooring and cupboards seem to be in good shape.
  • Countertop should be replaced with preferably granite, but if this is not feasible a laminate.  Use the example shown as a guide.  Ensure the granite or laminate has within it specks of the same colors as the flooring.  Combine this with a stainless steel sink and a new higher end faucet. 
  • Move the ceramic chef down approximately three inches.

Living Room:

  • To warm your space remove all burgundy throw pillows and replace with browns and creams.
  • Move the coffee table a few inches closer to the hide-a-bed.
  • Shift the leather chair and ottoman back a bit so there is a direct line to the patio doors and a person does not have to make two distinct turns to reach the outside.
  • I believe the ceiling fan blades are wood, but if they are burgundy replace with a wood version in dark brown.
  • Purchase an area rug to be placed in front of the hide a bed in dark brown and cream tones. 
  • Replace the floral patterned sofa with a match to your existing side chair.  Set these at right angles to eachother with a low table to separate them. 

  • Clean and protect the hide-a-bed.
  • Add one large print or a series of three prints spanning the length of the sofa with the following color combination:



Dining Area:

  • Replace area rug under the dining table with the same color combination as the new area rug in the living room.
  • Replace existing burgundy placemats with those in the same color combination as the art above.
  • Remove art to left and right of the mirror.

Master Bedroom:


  • Replace bedding with hotel-like high thread count white linens and adorn with decorative pillows similar to the example below.
  • Replace lamp shades with a luxurious cream colored shade.
  • Place a series of two to three pieces of art or one large singular piece in the same color combination as your newly purchased linens.


Second Bedroom:


  • Replace bedding with white sheets, pillows and duvets. 
  • Either place one picture above each bed or leave free of pictures and place a picture on an opposite wall.  Again stay with the neutral color palette suggested.



I could not find bathroom photos.  I believe those inquiring will be asking for photos of this as well.  Should the bathrooms need refurbishing follow the suggestions for the kitchen as this will bring cohesion to the entire property.

This is quite an extensive refurbish.  Making all the improvements suggested would go a long way in attracting guests.  If only a few of the items I recommend are being considered I would suggest the kitchen countertop and bathrooms are by far the most important.






© 2012 Anita Ericksen




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