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What The He** Are Psychodemographics and How Do They Pertain To My Vacation Rental?

February 15th, 2015 at 11:33 pm

...and Can I Use Them to Attract and Ensure Repeat Business?


That's a YES!  First of all let's start with something we know and have heard of before...




What are the demographics of the people that will be interested in a vacation or executive rental? Well, they are a lot like you:

  • one third of them earn a yearly income of at least $100,000

  • over 60% of them are college educated

  • 90% take at least two leisure trips per year

  • 75% are online more than one hour per day, and

  • 90% would rent a vacation rental again and recommend them to family and friends.

These individuals are in varying stages of their life. From young couples to families to empty nesters. Even though they come from varying backgrounds one thing remains constant and that is why they buy (or rent in our case).

They buy for three reasons:

  • to satisfy a basic need,

  • to solve problems, and

  • to make themselves feel good.

So, what are the basic needs? How do you solve their problems and make them feel good? In other words What More Can You Do To Attract Clients?


Let’s explore further to answer these questions so you are able to take advantage of history and trends and use this invaluable information to create what your tenants want and need.


This brings us to:


Psychodemographics or Psychographics Marketing


What is it?  It is marketing that answers the questions of the lifestyle, behavior and attitude of the person in question to build up a more detailed picture of who they are.  Psychographics marketing can work alongside demographic marketing to allow advertisers to promote their products effectively, in order to sell their products in the long term.  

Psychographics marketing leaves advertisers one-step ahead of their competition. 

Psychographically speaking, there are four different types of vacationers, they are:

Tour Groupies: These vacationers enjoy the convenience and ease of guided tours and prefer packaged deals to independent travel.

Kickin’ Back Vacationers: Use their vacation time to rest and relax; the effort involved in taking a foreign trip, sightseeing or even going on a cruise is not for them.  They prefer to travel by themselves or in small groups.

Active Adventurers: Choose vacation destinations that give them plenty to do. Frequent and independent travelers, they like theme parks and sightseeing, physical exercise and outdoor recreation—especially while on vacation.

Ever the Spring Breakers: Go for the fun, not the sights.  They like guided or package tours for the convenience.

So now that we know this, how do we use this information to our full advantage?  Where is the best place to provide your findings?  




Your website and guest information book.


Simply follow the easy "To Do" list outlined below and you will be using Psychographics to their full advantage and getting that edge over your competition.


To Do:

• Decide what kind of tenants you wish to attract.

• Insert tabs in your guest binder for the ones you choose, name the tabs with interesting descriptions like the ones above.

• Add the following researched information listed below.  You may be able to think of many more since you know your own vacation rental/location, but begin with these as they are fairly standard and will start you down the right path:

  • For Tour Groupies list an abundance of tours that are available with contact information, reviews and brochures. 
    • Find companies that offer tours individually or use a company that books multiple tours, call and ask if they will give a discount if your tenants use their services.
  • For Kickin’ Back Vacationers list popular beaches, if your area offers these, popular picnic sites, nice places to stroll and explain the relaxing benefits they would expect to find.
    • List yoga, mediation classes, bookstores, nearby theatres and live shows along with contact information and map directions.
    • On your website, speak of long, leisurely meals on the deck or patio, relaxing by the pool or going in the hot tub. Mention that their schedule is their own and explain that once they arrive they will have everything at their fingertips.
  • For Active Adventures follow the steps for Tour Groupies.
    • List an abundance of activities that are available with contact information, reviews and brochures i.e. ziplining, parasailing, best mountain runs for skiing for example.
    • Find companies that offer these adventures and call to ask if they will give a discount if your tenants use their services.
  • Ever the Spring Breakers will be interested in guided tours as well as more night life activities.
    • Research hot night spots and restaurants in your area and include those in your information binder. Mention those with happy hour.
    • Add places that are often frequented by Hollywood’s elite if there are such places.
    • Write of the best shopping, discount stores etc.

You can also use this information to distract certain tenants from your property. Should you decide that Ever the Spring Breakers are not the type of tenants you want simply do not add information on your site that may entice them.

We are all different, with our own little quirks, so ensure you cater to different personalities; the ones you want to attract.  Marketing to specific group(s) will ensure you present your rental in a meaningful and relevant way thereby attracting your target audience.







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