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That's About The Size Of It - Round Table Sizing For Your Guests' Comfort

February 18th, 2015 at 11:34 pm



Round Dining Tables are so versatile.  They are great for smaller spaces and also look fantastic as the centerpiece of a room. They have a nice curve in relation to any streamlined furniture you may have and, with rounded edges, are safe for children.  They are relaxed, casual and create more of a sense of intimacy than you would find in a rectangular or square table.  So how do you ensure the table you choose is large enough to accommodate all your guests, it's as simple as PI or π.

π is commonly defined as the ration of a circle's circumference (C) to its diameter (d):   \pi = \frac{C}{d}  

By following the simple formula below you'll have a surefire way to ensure your guests are eating comfortably: 

  • consider the maximum amount of people you allow to sleep in your property and multiply that amount by 24 (these are the inches one person would need on average to sit and eat comfortably),
  • divide this amount by 3.14.

The resulting number equals the diameter your guests would need in order to feel comfortable. For example, 4 people multiplied by 24 and divided by 3.14 equals a 31 inch diameter.

few other tips:

  • If the dining area is large enough to hold a credenza this is a solid purchasing option. If you wish to purchase a credenza ensure there is at least 40 inches of space from it to the back of your chair (24 inches if the chair positioned as if someone were at the table eating).
  • The chairs you purchase must be of good quality.  Iron is extremely strong, but I find wood will work well if the chair is well made. A broken chair is not something you will want to deal with as part of the regular maintenance on your property. As for the chair covering, a perfect type to consider is leather, in a darker shade. Leather is so forgiving, especially around a dining table. It is easily wiped of spills and food and keeps looking good for years to come.
  • If you're looking to save money, purchase a less expensive table and sturdier chairs. There is no need to purchase a set at your local store. A less expensive table flanked with leather parson chairs make your entire set look high end and no one is the wiser. Match the wood of the table with the wood of the legs of the chairs.


A few cautions:

  • Accommodating more than 8 people diminishes the versatility of the table.  It would no longer space spacing or intimate making it difficult to reach food in the center of the table or items such as cards if you're playing a game.
  • If the table you choose has a pedestal leg ensure you put some weight on the edge of table to check the stability.

The round table is a perfect table for the gathering of friends and family.  Besides a place where guests consume the delicious food they cook in the fully equipped kitchen, it is a great place to play games, laugh and be social.  It is, by far, the most intimate table to purchase for your vacation rental.


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