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My Ottoman Seats Five? Space Saving Furniture For Small Vacation Rentals

February 21st, 2015 at 2:24 pm


Is your vacation rental lacking in square footage?  If so, the solution to your problem may be multi-functional furniture.  These pieces are truly inspiring addressing any small space dilemma you may have.  Imagine having an ottoman that seats five, or a coffee table that converts into a full size dining table, the options are endless and are at your fingertips.  

Featured below are two companies that offer multi functional furniture; Resource Furniture and Expand Furniture. Take a look at their clever designs of pieces that fold, unfold, expand and contract.  They may just have the answer you're looking for.

Both companies have fantastic websites and blogs.  In fact, Resource Furniture directly addresses vacation rentals here:

So how do these two compare?  Below is a quick comparison of the two companies.  Due your own due diligence; note that prices and policies may change over time.  As of February 2014, this is what I found:  



Price Point More expensive - Prices by quote (as high as 2x the cost) Less expensive - Prices on site
Quality Guarantee Life time warranty on mechanisms 3-5 years on mechanisms but will ship replacement parts
Lead Time Up to 20 weeks Up to 12 weeks but most popular items in stock for fast delivery
Shipping Worldwide Worldwide
Returns No?  Here's their answer: 

Can I cancel an order?
Every sales associate at Resource
Furniture is a qualified designer. We
understand this is a large purchase
and therefore we are dedicated to
ensuring that you purchase exactly what you need for your space.

Yes, within 30 days in original packaging and no signs of use
Design Consultants Yes Yes

As you can see there are pros and cons with both companies.  There is a definitely a difference in price.  I love the life time warranty of Resource and the lead time of Expand.  Both have pros and cons, as any company, and both seem to have solid reputations.  As for the quality of the furniture; the ease of the mechanisms, the durability of the fabrics and the strength of the frames etc. I do not have first hand knowledge. I'd love to hear from you if you have purchased any multi functional furniture.  How is it working for you and your guests?  

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