I write this book not only as some who fully furnishes and equips for a living, but from the point of view of a tenant.  I have been fully furnishing and equipping properties for executive and vacation rental since 2006.  I have been renting vacation condos as a tenant since 2003.


I’ve stayed in a fair number of vacation properties throughout these years, some I will return to and some I will stay clear away from (unless, that is, the owners hire me).  When it comes to renting your property as fully furnished and equipped it is not only location that attracts tenants, it is also presentation and in-house amenities.   You are competing with not only other fully furnished and equipped properties down the road and next door to you; you are also competing with hotels.


My wish for you, as an owner of a vacation or executive rental, is to have repeat customers, to draw people to your property through the internet, to increase your nightly rate, to have tenants from other properties wish they had booked with you, and to have people recommend and refer your property to friends and family.


In fact, when it comes to sources of ideas for travel, 52% of people noted family and friends (YPartnership/Harrison Group 2011 Portrait of American TravelersSM); and


29% of travelers either always or often stay in the same rental year after year (TripAdvisor Second Annual Vacation Rentals Survey, January 2011). 


We are going to use this statistics to our full advantage.


This books aims to take the guesswork out of refurbishing, furnishing, equipping and decorating.  It aims to take what would be weeks of hard work and second guessing and shorten it to five days of confident purchasing and seamless organization.  This book is an easy to follow guide, packed with information, designed specifically for the target market of individuals with average to above average income including vacationers; families; couples; singles; retirees and executives. 


This book addresses refurbishing and then is divided into days, rooms and tasks with useful checklists to tear out and take with you on your five-day journey.


Good luck and have fun!  The results will be worth it.