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FF&E Furnish and Equip Your Vacation or Executive Property in 5 Days

Anita Ericksen


Liaison Press

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Published in Canada by Liaison Press, an imprint of

Creative Guy Publishing

ISBN-10: 1-894953-97-5

ISBN-13: 978-1-894953-97-9

©2012 Anita Ericksen. All rights reserved. No portion of this

book may be reproduced without the express permission of

the author, excepting short quotations for review purposes.


P.S.  If you think my book is cheeky, it's not, it's kind of dry.  I'm just in a cheeky mood today.



Excellent ResourceApril 9, 2014

In the process of purchasing a vacation rental and am so glad I purchased this book. The book depicts it's title and does so perfectly ! It truly is a guide on hoe to furnish and equip your vacation rental right down to the plates in the cupboard to the light in the ceiling. I found a lot of valuable information in each chapter and even photographs to spark one's creativity.
This book also provides some helpful tips. An example, take pictures of serial numbers for insurance purposes, how to display knick knacks in groupings, creating a relaxing atmosphere... Not to mention all the helpful websites cited in the book. My recommendation is BUY the book as it is such a small investment for such a large rate of return on your investment...even if you just find two or three helpful tips.
This is all you need, November 14, 2012

I have been considering investing in a vacation property for some time and this book is the perfect guide. Anita Ericksen has obviously done this before. Her advice and step-by-step guidelines are great. I am amazed that it can be done in such a short period of time. The book is an easy read and has great checklists to get things done efficiently. The book highlights many details I would have missed and I like the sense of humour injected here and there in the book. I definitely recommend it.

Easy to use, fantastic resource!, Dec 9 2012
I recently invested in my first rental home in Mexico and wanted to really stand out in a what I found out was a flooded market. Not having much time to set everything up and most certainly not a natural at interior design I was at a total loss at where to even start. When I found this book I was thrilled, it was easy to follow with lots of photos and great ideas. Definitely an essential tool for first time vacation property owners and those wishing to update their existing rental.
A must read!, January 8, 2013
I was fortunate to find this wonderful resource upon purchasing my Scottsdale property. It is generously packed with worthwhile tips, tricks, checklists, photos and must have inventory lists that I am thankful to disclose saved me a considerable amount of valuable time. There is no guess work involved here, because the author thought of everything!

I found the information provided to be well thought out and organized. I credit this book for assisting me in furnishing and setting up my property in record time. I have an extremely desirable property that is not only highly praised but also well sought out by renters.

I am very pleased and recommend this book; follow this author’s savvy advice and you will be too!
Good Resource!, February 1, 2013
Save time and avoid mistakes by following the guidance presented in this well written, well organized book. We just purchased a lake home and we're totally redoing it and setting it up for rentals and this guide has proven valuable and keeps us focused on what renters find valuable and where to spend our money as we do the renovations, etc. Good practical guide!
A must-have guide to creating a successful vacation rental, February 28, 2013
Anita Ericksen has compiled a great guide to starting up a vacation rental in her book FF&E, Furnish and Equip Your Vacation or Executive Property in Five Days. This handy guide includes shopping lists, to-do tasks and appendices that you can take to the furniture shop or home decorating store. While you may not agree with all of her design choices, you cannot argue with the process that she lays out for you. There are some Canadian specific recommendations for stores (Ms. Ericksen resides in Alberta) but there should be no problem finding equivalents in the United States.
If you're considering converting or purchasing a property with the intent of turning it into a vacation or executive rental, you should read this book first and you will have a much more thorough understanding of what it is going to take to make your effort a success.

Bert Simonis, CEO, SnagRent

Articles About:


January 31, 2013 - Does Your Vacation Rental Need A Competitive Makeover:


How I Came To Write The Book:

The book is a culmination of two events; staying in a short term rental while on vacation and revamping my business.  About three years ago I booked a vacation rental in Maui which was in dire need of some tlc.  My first instinct upon entering the premises was to turn around and search for another place.  My second thought was to call the owners.  I did the latter, explaining what I do for a living, and asked if I could help.  I believe I heard the owner sigh with relief on the other end of the phone.  That same day I created an action plan to update the property and pondered, "How can I reach more people who are in this situation and those who are just starting out with this type of business?  I can't be everywhere at once."  I let this thought sit in the back of my mind while I continued on with my vacation.  Once I arrived home, I began to see the need to hire a new assistant.  My previous assistant left for another opportunity and I had not yet replaced her.  I started to create a list of duties and responsibilities to be used as a reference for the new hire.  Well I wrote, and I wrote and I wrote, and I couldn't stop writing. Thoughts were pouring out of me.  Days turned into weeks.  To tell you the truth I didn't even know I had all this knowledge in my brain until I put it down on paper.  As I was printing off the finished document the pages kept coming and my printer ran out of ink.  It was only when I held the final document, felt the weight of it, that I thought, "I think I just wrote a book."  Looking back I can see that in the back of mind this was my intention all along, but strangely enough I only realized it only when I saw the finished product.  


Q & A:

What do you hope to accomplish with this book?

For this book to be the "go-to manual" for answers on how to furnish and equip a short term rental.  Simply, to provide information.  

To create consistency in the short term rental market.  To illustrate the benefit of creating a rental with forethought; creating a home rather than putting furniture and inventory in a property.  

The book and my website go hand in hand.  The book provides the information and the website ensures follow up. 

Who is your target market?

Property management companies (both established and new), real estate agents, investment firms and private investors.  A secondary market would be those wishing to start a furnishing and equipping business of their own.

Describe the contents of the book?

It's filled with information on the best furniture, media, kitchen inventory, bathroom inventory, art and accessories to purchase.  It contains detailed lists of inventory to accomodate the many different types of vacationers and executives.  It also discusses refurbishing, photography, guest information books and tips on writing rental listings.  It's not only filled with how to do it, but why you should do it and where you can get it.  

How do you get your information?

Through my own years of experience, trial and error has taught me alot.  The vacation and executive rental community is fairly large and friendly.  Exchanging ideas is invaluable.

What are your next steps?

This year my focus will be mainly on book promotion, attending conferences and keeping active in social media.  I will continue to spread the word of the importance of consistency in the short term rental market.  I'll continue to search for new and improved supplies and ways of doing things.  I will be available to instruct, guide and help.

How has your business changed since writing the book?

Oh my gosh, it's not even the same company it has changed so dramatically.  For years I furnished and equipped properties one client at a time.   It was fun and I loved it, but limiting in the number of people I could help.  Now, with the book, my reach has expanded one thousand fold and I am much more of a service provider than ever before.  I am still furnishing and equipping for those who choose not to "diy", but mostly I am a consultant.  I love the openness of communication, sharing ideas, creating properties tenants will love and seeing results.




Anita Ericksen has been fully furnishing and equipping executive and vacation properties since 2006. She loves sharing the knowledge she has gained to anyone in need of assistance and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Anita prides herself in offering excellent customer service, striving to ensure availability and flexibility of schedule. She was the Real Estate Staging Association past Alberta President and now focuses her time keeping up with and creating new trends in the extended stay vacation and executive market. 

Her goal is to create consistency in the vacation and executive rental market by making available the knowledge she has gained throughout the years to all.