Build It and They Will Come - Corporate and Vacation Rental Set Up

A satisfied tenant is one of your best advertisers. Not only will they come back time and again, they will tell their friends, family and acquaintances increasing your occupancy rates and ensuring repeat business. Appealing to the needs and wants of the tenant, producing what they value, causes a ripple effect that benefits all parties involved to degrees beyond their expectations.


Our research into what tenants want, why they choose one property over another, is the heart of what we do and that is why one of our most sought after services is fully furnishing and equipping. We not only source, deliver, assemble and place all furniture, art, accessories, media, kitchen and bathroom inventory, we do it intelligently and quickly with care and courteous service.                                                              

Having a well appointed property is one of the most important keys to the successful rental of your property.  By fulfilling the needs of your tenants you, in turn, achieve your goals. Pricing for this service is dependant on many factors including size, location and comparables in your area. As consistency in the extended market is our passion, providing information so you can make a well informed decision is always free so call or email for a written estimate.

'Anita always meets and exceeds our expectations.  In our years of doing business we have come to realize a few important things; One, a unit furnished and equipped by Anita is always in high demand; Two, her eye for detail, personalized touch and care and concern ensure a product that surpasses the normal standard to such a degree that clients are specifically asking for units she has prepared; Three, the final product is prepared within 5 business days allowing us to expedite the leasing process; and Four, we get far fewer objections since Anita has been preparing our units and our bottom line has increased as a result.  We always advise  property investors to call Anita.'  B.Wilde and L.Tran, Premiere Executive Suites


Sprinkle a Little Magic - Rental Improvement Consulting

Imagine having at your fingertips a formula that describes exactly what you need to do to appeal to tenants. One of our most readily accessible services is the Rental Improvement Evaluation.  Completed online or offline, we view your property from the objective eye of the vacation renter, and with a mix of our expertise of course, making suggestions that allow you to show your property in its best light.  The evaluation is completely personalized with a vast array of easy to follow, room by room, suggestions.  The end result is a property that you can be proud of, that is extremely enticing to potential tenants and looks great in photos. We cover everything from decorating, furniture options/placement, inventory and refurbishing.  It's like sprinkling a little magic on your rental.  $350 per evaluation.  Call or email for more information.  

'Anita offers practical, easy-to-follow and useful evaluations on what changes could be made to quickly improve the appearance of properties.  She carefully assesses a property and then writes a report, room by room, making recommendations of what changes can be made to enhance their property.  Her astute suggestions allow owners to make the changes they choose to incorporate at the price and degree that work for them. Both owners and renters appreciate the impact of her advice. I would highly recommend her.'  Ann Darwant


Know Your Neighbours - Rental Comparisons

How does the property you are interested in purchasing as a vacation rental stand up against other rentals in the area? Our Rental Comparisons provide the information you need to help with that final purchasing decision.  The property you are considering is studied and compared to other rentals in the area.  We investigate rental rates, occupancy rates and proximity to attractions and amenities.  We inspect and scale the interior furnishings and finishings as well as the exterior of the property.  By scrutinizing these aspects we are able to determine if the property can successfully compete with other vacation properties in the area.  $350 per property.  Can be completed online or offline.  Call or email for more information.

'I have recently discovered Anita’s services through a mutual client. I am impressed with her diligence, care and meticulous attention to her clients’ needs. She has prepared for me a comprehensive summary and comparisons with alternatives for different scenarios related to vacation renting versus leasing my property. Anita clearly takes her promises seriously and delivers on a timely basis and with professional execution. It has been a pleasure to deal with her and look forward to continuing to use her services for my real estate portfolio.' Mabs Yusuf (re: San Diego)